Romanian National Aquascaping Contest

Jurați – Nature & Dutch-2019

Giuseppe Nisi
My name is Giuseppe Nisi, born in Germany but with apulian origins. Currently I live and work in Bologna.
I approached to this wonderful world of aquariums in 2008 and I  immediately became enthusiast to plants cultivations and I started to attend with attention the Italian forum,
After I discovered Aquascaping, thanks  to the Takashi Amano aquariums, and in that moment is started the passion for natural layout. 
For many years I setup and dismantled a lot of aquariums, acquiring experience and getting a lot of satisfactions.
I actively partecipate to different on-line contest like IAPLC, AGA getting good placements (IAPLC2016 98° Place; EAPLC2016 19°Place; IAPLC 2017 66°Place & EAPLC 10°Place ) and some live contest where i got two first placements in the 2015 ( NAQ2015 Live Contest & PetFestival2015 Live Contest 1vs1 ) & one first placement in the 2016 (Contest Live Aquascaping PetsItaly Rimini)
  • IAPLC 2012 382°th Place
  • ASE International Aquascaping Contest 2010 14°th Place Nano Category
  • AAC 2010 Genaeral 158°th Place; mini Aquarium 56°th Place
  • IAPLC 2013  686°th Place on 2164 Partecipants
  • Participated Naq 2013 italy  Live Aquscaping Contest
  • AGA 2014  28-60L ; 200- 320L
  • Eaplc 2014 161°th Place
  • IAPLC 2014 698°th Place on 2320 Partecipants
  • Participated Aquagarden Aquascaping Project 2014-2015 RDA (Rosso d'Autore) by Forum main Sponsor Anubias Aquatic Plants & Elos
  • Workshop Live PetFestival Piacenza 2014 Italy, Esotikaexpo Arezzo 2015 , Esotikaexpo Bastia Umbria 2015 & Live Workshop Stand Sera,  EsotikaexpoArezzo 2016.
  • 2015_Collaborated with Fabio Lorusso to realize  Photo & Hardscape for ABA cataolog by
  • AGA 2015  <25L ; 60-120Lt
  • IAPLC 2015 World Ranking 300th "Fine Works" on 2545 Partecipants
  • EAPLC 2015 Standard  55°th Place ; Nano  39°th Place
  • IIAC 2015  176°th, 182°th & 186°th
  • Workshop Live with Fabio Lorusso Stand Sera NAQ2015 Italy
  • NAQ 2015 Italy Live Aquscaping Contest  1°th Place
  • PetsFestival 2015 Italy Live Aquscaping Contest 1vs1 1°th Place
  • Interzoo 2016 Stand Anubias Aquatic Plants & Aqvainnova - "May the green force be with you..." Scape by Oliver Knott Feat. ITAU (Fabio Lorusso & Giuseppe Nisi )
  • PetsItaly 2016 Rimini - Mace Live Aquscaping Contest 1°th Place
  • Workshop Live with Fabio Lorusso Stand Anubias - ITAU, Rimini 2016, Italy
  • PetsFestival 2016 Live Aquscaping Contest ITAU Vs FACT -  1°th Place Team ITAU (Fabio L., Giuseppe N. & Enrico F.)
  • IAPLC 2016 World Ranking 98°th Place;
  • EAPLC 2016 Europe Ranking 19°th Place;
  • Judge of the  AquAgora Capa contest 2017;
  • AquaProject 2017 Zoomark - 2mtx2mt Nature Aquarium MiniOceanario in Memoria of Takashi Amano at Zoomark 2017 by Fabio Lorusso & Giuseppe Nisi
  • IAPLC 2017 World Ranking 66°th Place:
  • EAPLC 2017 Europe Ranking 10°th Place;
  • AGA 2017 Nano Cube Ranking 2°th Place.
  • IAPLC 2018 World Ranking 63°th Place:
  • CIPS  - CIAC 2018 21°th Place - 1st Italy selected of live Event on China. (The 27 contestants that reached the top 200 in the big tank category and that are 1st of their country are invited to participate in CLIAC, a big live aquascaping event at CIPS in Guangzhou)
Samuele Gamberini

My name is Samuele Gamberini and I was born near Bologna, Italy.

When I was a teenager I moved the first steps in the fishkeeping hobby, when my father bought a tank in the only shop in town. It was the 80s …

It was a 60 lt tank, where I used to breed some Trichogaster. Some years later I leaved the hobby, but in 2012 I started again with a little cube, where I commited the most common mistakes: too many fishes, no fertilization, an off-the-cuff management, but the desire to learn and understand pushed me to read and study more and more.

Later I bought a 100 lt tank, where I start to experience every kind of test and I began to cultivate aquatic plants, using fertilizers and taking care of their needs in a more appropriate manner.

Since 2014 I began to hold live events in several shops and gardens and now I am committed in collaborations with some important companies like Prodibio, Hydor, Elos, Troplant, Tropica ,CO2Art. I’m also the Italian Prodibio ambassador. I took part in IALPC three times, last time I came in 293. In 2016 I was 131st in EALPC Standard category and in 2017 I was 18th in the “nano” category and 131 in the “standard”. In 2018in IALPC  #293  and #26 in web aquascaping contest.

In 2019 in EALPC #24 medium cat  and #28 nano cat .

My goal is always to improve and learn more and more. I hope to share and to instil my passion in everybody who approaches the wonderful world of aquascaping.

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Juan Puchades
I am a 35 years old dentist, I have my own office and also I am a teacher at the University of Valencia. I am a Nature lover who lives in the city. Nature Aquarium allows me to evade day to day, show my artistic concerns and create ecosystems within the city.
I have applyed different contest since 2012. I must say in the beginning of my career I was very focused on aquascaping contest. Nowadays it is allways a nice feeling to take part in some of them but I really think that placement is not so important. Since 2013 I have been every year in the top100 of the IAPLC contest ranking from 17th to 54th place. 3 times on top27. At AGA contest I have been once 2nd&3r, and 3 times top10. In the European contest EAPLC I have been 1st this year, and twice second. I am the spanish champion of the AQSC contest in last two years. Also I have won HSCH and CBAP once.
As a judge I had the honor of judging AGA 1 year, since 2014 I am judging CBAP, and also I have judged many other contest as HAC, MAPLC, CAPA, RAC and some others. This year I will take part as a judge in CBAP, AQSC hardscape challenge and this great Romanian contest.
I wish all contestant very good luck, I am wishing to judge all this great aquascapes and I will try to give my best advice to all of them. Let's go guys!!
Jean Michel Touche

Aquarist and horticulturist at Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, I have always been passionate about plants, animals and nature in general. 

When I discovered Takashi Amano, I was immediately fascinated by his work.

From that moment  nature aquarium has been my favourite style of aquascape 

and in 2018 I was lucky enough to be trained by ADA in Japan. 

Since then I have four nature aquariums at home and I have run workshops to promote the hobby.

Pavol Kulanda

I was born and grew up in a small town in Slovakia near national park of High Tatras and Pieniny close to a border with Poland. Growing up, surrounded by exceptional natural beauty, I developed a passion for nature. At young age I was introduced to aquarium hobby by couple of my friends and I have been keeping fish since. 

Only until recently, after I moved over to Northern Ireland, I discovered a beauty of nature aquarium concept through browsing on Youtube and I was instantly hooked. I have been practising the art of aquascaping for 5 years now and I have been entering aquascaping contests since 2016. I realized that entering contests gives me a focus and drive to improve my skills as an aquascaper and artist each year. My most favourite and exciting  part of  the hobby is the process of creating new layout. 
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Bourdin Ludovic

My name is Ludo BOURDIN and I am 47 years old. I live in France, more precisely in Burgundy. I am an aquarist since my childhood. I discovered aquascaping in the 90's but I have been practicing it for about 8 years. A few years ago I had the chance to join the group FACT, which allowed me to benefit from the advice of the best French aquascapers at that time. I improved thanks to their contact and their advice and so i had the chance to integrate several times the top 100 in the famous IAPLC contest.
I am now part of the collective "Rocks & Roots french Aquascaping Spirit" whose goal is to promote and share the achievements of its members.
I have a predilection for rock-based compositions.
I am particularly happy and honored to be part of the judges' team of this edition of the Romanian aquascaping contest. Indeed, beyond the competition, I think that our discipline, far from being only an individual practice, is also made of sharing and fraternity.
I wish good luck to all the candidates.


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Hi my name is Martial i'm living in France, I discovered aquascaping 10 years ago through Takashi Amano pictures. I started entering aquascaping contests in 2015, i like both the emulation to produce the best possible layout for a specific occasion and this way to share my work with others aquascapers  worldwide.

For me the plants are a central interest in this hobby and the layout is just a way to get them in value in a natural atmosphere. NA style correspond well to that and is a style i appreciate.

I wish all the contestant good luck and I 'm looking forward to see your entries.


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Fabian Kussakawa
The tree times champion of the brazilian aquascape contest Fabian Kussakawa, have been studying about the fascinating world of aquascaping since 2006.
Providing speeches and workshops for the hole country. Also is a writer of magazines which has a segment of aquascaping. Lately focus himself on being a judge of national as well as international aquascaping contests.

Some of the contests where I have been a national and international judge of aquascaping.
AQUAJAYA 2018  (Indonesia - Live contest Aquascaping)
CPAQ  2018          (Brazil - Aquascaping contest regional São Paulo - Brazil)
CPA   2017            (Brazil - Aquascaping contest regional Paraná - Brazil)
CAPA  2015           (France - Aquascaping contest international France)
AAC   2015            (Thailand - Aquascaping contest international Thailand)
IBAC  2012            (Bulgaria - Aquascaping contest international Bulgaria)
HAC   2012            (Hungary - Aquascaping contest international Hungary)
AAC   2011             (Spain - Aquascaping contest international Spain)
International and National placements in contests aquascaping:

AGA   (USA) 2018 7º    (28l)
IIAC  (Taiwan) 2015 18º
AGA   (USA) 2014 2º    (28l)
AGA   (USA) 2014 6º    (120 a 200l)
IAPLC (Japan) 2014 88º
IAPLC (Japan) 2013 104º
ROAPLC(Russia) 2012 28º
AGA   (USA) 2013 1º    (60l)
AGA   (USA) 2013 3º    (paludarium)
AGA   (USA) 2011 2º    (28l)
AGA   (USA) 2011 3º    (60l)
ASE   (Europe) 2011 3º    (nano)
ASE   (Europe) 2009 4º    (nano)
ASGAT (Spain) 2009 4º

National CBAP (Contest Brazilian Aquascaping) and CPA (Contest regional Parana - Brazil):

CBAP (Brazil) 2015 10º  
CBAP (Brazil) 2014 1º    (nano)
CBAP (Brazil) 2014 4º    
CBAP (Brazil) 2013 3º    (nano)
CBAP (Brazil) 2012 1º    (nano)
CBAP (Brazil) 2011 5º    (nano)
CBAP (Brazil) 2010 1º    (nano)
CBAP (Brazil) 2009 6º    (nano)
CBAP (Brazil) 2008 3º    (nano)
CBAP (Brazil) 2007 7º    (nano)
CPA  (Parana) 2014 3º
CPA  (Parana) 2013 2º
CPA  (Parana) 2009 3º
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